Get the latest updates of your friends-Facebook status

Jun 17

Get the latest updates of your friends-Facebook status


Being one of the biggest common podiums for online Social gathering, Facebook offers numbers of features to its user. Facebook status refers to the current mood and position of an individual. Once a person completes successful registration of this app, he or she gets an opportunity to post their current state of mind and share it with others. There are thousands of inbuilt online quotes and messages which a face book user can use. Every emotion can be expressed in words by such quotes.

How to start with Facebook-

  1. For getting started with Facebook move to “app downloads” option in your Smartphone’s, iphones and androids.
  2. Select the option of “FREE DOWNLOAD” facebook app from the displayed list.
  3. This app will be downloaded in few seconds on your mobile screen.
  4. Lastly, install this app by accepting all the terms and conditions for its usage.
  5. Create a single and distinctive profile by uploading your personal pictures and proffering some of the personal details.
  6. Start sending friend request to your loved ones.

Use of Facebook-

  1. Personally- millions have joined this app to share and connect themselves to the rest of the world. A person finds it easier to access and to communicate with others by chatting or by posting images, playing online games, joining community, creating groups etc. it has opened the channels of communication between nations. It is now used as quickest mode for generating mass awareness among huge masses.
  2. Commercial- many marketers have employed it as a tool for promoting their brand and a successful mode for reaching their audiences. They can gather useful information by Facebook app and thus use such details to develop unique product for customers. It has encouraged competitions among rival firms. People also use it as a medium to spread awareness and to assemble collective response regarding any issues.

E.g. During political elections it helps in evaluating the preferences and voting behavior of citizens.

Face book community and Facebook groups are created by people who have similar likes and dislikes. It is generally used for promoting an event, personality, cause or brand. You are just requiring pressing like against your admired category as mentioned earlier. Once you become the member of the community or group you receive regular and latest updates about that particular category. You can even motivate your near & dear ones to join such community. Creating a unique community on facebook is now a source of income for many.